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What Is PlugInstant ?

Pluginstant is a system designed to be used by FX Brokerage in order to control their Risk.

The system is installed at 9s server and handled by us and it is not installed in MT4/5 server. Therefore, any white label broker can use the system and connect via Manager.

Proven Formula for Risk Management Since 2017


Brokerage Platform :

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Brokerage Platform :

Negative Balance Reset System

Auto Leverage System

News System

Scalper Monitoring System

P&L System

Trade Balance Monitoring



Advantages :

Stable and Proven System used by many Brokers?

Save a lot of Brokers money?

Avoid and Detect Manipulators fast and efficiently?

White Label Server Friendly?

Keep the Brokerage P&L healthy with a comprehensive system and reporting?

Complete Solutions for Risk Management, A Must for Every FX Brokerage?

For New Brokerage

its very important to have our PlugInstant System to secure and safeguard your Brokerage from Manipulators Worldwide. Without Risk Management System, your Brokerage is open to any manipulation activities.

Reliable . Accurate . Efficient

Reliable . Accurate . Efficient