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We Combine Technology with Business Ideas

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    We are an international company that provides proven Forex Broker Solutions. Our company has been recognized by other professional firms for our excellence and expertise.

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    We have years of experience. Therefore, our way of completing the job becomes more efficient every day.

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If you have any questions about Forex Broker Solutions, please contact us. We are happy to discuss them with you.

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Forex Broker Solution. We believe that a good cooperation between our clients and us will produce an excellent result. Let's cooperate together.


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What We Bring To You

Pembentukan dan Manajemen Perusahaan.

We have vast experience in delivering our services. We understand the needs of the registrars of each country very well.

PSP untuk Asia Tenggara, Afrika & Latam

A payment service provider is a necessity for every merchant who wants to receive payment for their services and products.

Pengaturan dan Manajemen Lisensi Keuangan.

Managing and handling financial licenses is a challenging process. We offer financial license management services for our clients.

Konsultasi & Pengiriman MT5.

At 9s, we understand the needs of MQ very well. Therefore, we can help you prepare for platform submission in a proper and right way to obtain MQ license.

Produk Perdagangan Pertandingan

We are a part of Match-Trade Technologies and we proudly sell all of their products officially.

Rekening Bank Internasional.

Searching for a bank account can be a difficult process. Therefore, we are here to help any clients who need to have a corporate bank account. Fast and seamless process.

Kerja sama yang baik antara Broker Forex dan penyedia Solusinya akan membuahkan hasil yang sangat baik.

Perusahaan kami berkembang pada tahun 2023 dengan cabang baru di Saint Vincent & Grenadines dan bermitra di beberapa negara lain, seperti Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam dan Singapura. Kami juga menambah jumlah staf karena tingginya permintaan akan layanan kami dan kami terus merekrut dari waktu ke waktu.

Kami lebih efisien dan teliti dalam setiap langkah tugas kami karena kepercayaan yang diberikan oleh klien dan mitra kami. Dengan efisiensi dan kepercayaan yang tinggi, kami dapat menyelesaikan tugas kami dengan kualitas yang baik dan tepat waktu.

Solusi Broker Forex dan Sistem Manajemen Risiko oleh 9s

Let's talk?

It's all about the humans behind a brand and those experiencing it, we're right there. In the middle performance quick.

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  • +60 16-786 6000
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