As a Money Manager you will find SSFX Limited to be the best partner for you and for your clients.

We offer three options to help you manage your clients and funds. All of them facilitate trading multiple accounts with a single click execution and with a variety of Allocation types.

Money managers can leverage our knowledge, technology and services to provide quality service and consistent transparency to your customers. You can use our propriety MT4 MAM to trade with your Master account using an Expert Advisor.

Individual clients can log on to their account and view in real-time all open positions, P&L, and trading history 24 hours a day.


Managed Account Programs are used by Asset Managers to manage client funds with a MAM.  Asset Managers and/or Admin users can create a Manage Account Programs. There are two types of programs, standard and shared. Standard programs are only available to clients of the AM, while shared programs can be made availalbe to clients of other partners.

• Program Name

This is the Name of the Managed Account Program visible to clients


• Minimum Deposit

The minimum amount the Asset Managed accepts as an initial deposit.


• Deposit Acceptance

How often the deposits are accepted for the Managed Account Program


• Minimum Draw-down Accepted by Client

This is the maximum stop out a client can set on their Manage Account.  In other-words the minimum drawdown they are required to accept in order to join the program. The intention is to prevent people from joining risky programs with a stop out set at 1% drawdown and in doing so messing up the Asset Manager’s cash management.  For instance, if the Asset Manage sets the stop-out at 10% this means that the Managed Account stop-out cannot be greater then 90% of the equity.  Essential the Asset Manager requires 10% of the capital in order to make the client money.



Stop-out Level: 10%

Managed Account Equity: 10,000

Maximum Stop-out Allowed: 9,000


The client can not set the stop-out on their Managed Account higher then 9,000.


• Management Fee %/ Period

The management fee and how often is it calculated/charged.



The management fee for the period is calculated as follows rather than dividing by the number of periods in orders to remove the effect of compounding

management_fee%_per_period = (management_fee_anual%/100 +1)^(1/num_periods) – 1


management_fee = management_fee%_per_period * percent_of_period_in program* end_of_period_equity


Management fees are calculated at the end of the period or when the managed account leaves the program. If the managed account joined after the beginning of the period (which will often be the case) or left before the end of the period, this is taken into consideration and the management fee is prorated accordingly. The fee transaction is generated at the end of the period or upon leaving the program.


• Performance Fee %/ Period

The performance fee and how often it is calculated/charged


Calculation: performance_fee = performance_fee_% * (end_of_period_equity – management_fee – hwm)

The Performance fee calculated is valid if the result is greater than 0. It is calculated at the end of the period or when the managed account leaves a program. HWM is set when a managed account joins a program based on the account’s equity at that time and is automatically adjusted up and down with deposits and withdrawals (including fee withdrawals) to and from the managed account, as well as at the end of the period if there were gains. End of period equity is the equity shown in the summary report at the end of the period, or the current equity of the managed account if the account leaves the program.


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